Can A Stainless Steel Ring Be Resized

Yes, a stainless steel ring can be resized. Suppose you consider getting a new stainless steel engagement ring but are worried that it may not fit your wife correctly.

Don’t worry, there is a way to get your ring size changed without a jeweler. By following a few simple steps, you can have your ring resized by a professional jeweler, and the process will be relatively painless.

Let’s look at how to resize a stainless-steel engagement ring without any trouble.

Why does your stainless steel ring no longer fit? 

If your ring has been wearing well and suddenly no longer fits, it’s most likely because the size has changed or your ring has become loose. To keep your ring looking new for years to come, you need to get it sized and inspected yearly. A jeweler can resize Rings, but be aware that the cost may vary depending on the ring type and location.

So, here are the reasons why your ring no longer fits you.

1. Incorrect size

Whether it is a ring you have had for years or are purchasing for the first time, never assume that your sizing remains unchanged. Any jeweler can resize Rings with access to flat and round spring rings in various sizes. Ring sizing should be done at least once per year when worn on occasion; if worn all day every day, this will probably consider wear of an even dozen times in one’s lifetime

2. Ring is too tight

The purpose of your ring is to distract from the hand while it appears more significant than when first sized. When a metal ring gets too tight on one’s fingers, it can cause swelling and chafing and will undoubtedly be more uncomfortable to wear and provide less protection against falls that may occur during exercise or work out.

3. Ring is too loose

When the ring is loose, it starts looking cheap and even more distracting over time. 

So, why not turn in that wedding band? You may want to consider sending it back if you don’t like how they put on those new rhodium-plated clasps!

4. Wedding Band interfering with ring fit

You may have noticed that your wedding band was starting to get in the way of your ring’s fit – it wasn’t snug anymore and felt like it was constantly catching on to things. This is because a metal wedding band can increase finger width by up to 2cm, making it harder for the ring to sit comfortably on top of the fingers. If this is happening to you, try getting your wedding band resized so that both rings fit snugly and feel like they’re not moving around.

5. Fitting errors made by jeweler during original sizing

One common reason for rings that are not fitting is because of the way a jeweler initially sized them. If the ring was sized using a manual sizing method (like with calipers), it may be inaccurate and cause the ring to be too tight or too loose.

Additionally, if your jeweler does not have experience measuring rings using electronic equipment, they may also make errors when trying to size your ring. In either case, you may wind up with a ring that is too tight or too loose, which will not fit properly. To ensure that your ring fits perfectly, you need to have it sized by an experienced jeweler who can use electronic equipment to measure your ring size accurately.

How to Resize Stainless Steel Rings

A stainless-steel ring is an excellent choice for those who want a durable and stylish ring. However, if it starts to wear out or you resize it, it’s essential to know how to do it without damaging the ring or the metal. Here are a few simple steps:

1. Remove the ring from your finger

When sizing, removing a ring from your finger is essential to ensure that the jeweler has enough room to work. By removing the ring, you limit how much movement the jeweler must measure and reduce the chances of an error.

2. Mark the inside of each band with a pencil

It is essential to mark the inside of each band with a pencil. This is for the jeweler to resize our ring accurately. So, by marking the inside of each band. The jeweler will know where each ring starts and ends to ensure that both rings are sized correctly.

3. Measure around each band using electronic equipment

Using electronic equipment allows the jeweler to measure your ring size more accurately than if they were to use a hands-on method. By measuring the size of your ring using electronic equipment, the jeweler can ensure that they are not making any mistakes in sizing your ring.

4. If one band is larger than the other, then adjust the smaller band

If one band is larger than the other, it is essential to adjust the smaller band so that both bands are equal in size. This will ensure that the ring is sized correctly and will look symmetrical when worn.

5. Re-fit the ring and make sure it is fit comfortably

After sizing the ring, it is vital to refit it and make sure it fits comfortably. Doing this will ensure that the ring fits properly on your finger and does not move around.

Where Can I Get My Stainless-Steel Ring Resized? 

If you have a ring, you would like to have it resized, and you can take it to a jeweler or metalsmith. Some jewelers may be able to resize rings using a hydraulic press, while others may use a heat hammer and an anvil. If you choose to have your ring resized at a metalsmith, they will use a heat tool, hammer, and die to resize the ring.

How much does it cost to resize stainless steel ring?

This can be a difficult question to answer, as the price for resizing stainless steel rings will vary depending on the size, shape, and complexity. In most cases, the cost will range from $60 to $100.

How much difference does a half-ring?

This can be a difficult question to answer, as the size of a half-ring can make a significant difference when it comes to wearing a wedding ring. If you are looking for a comfortable and snug fit, you may want to go with smaller ring size. On the other hand, if you plan to wear your ring for a long time and want it to last, you may want to go with a larger size.

It is essential to consult with a jeweler to get accurate sizing, as even a half-ring size can make a big difference. Additionally, it is vital to keep in mind that the width of the band should be at least half the width of your finger. So, if your finger is sized at 5.5 mm, then your band should be at least 11 mm wide. It is also essential to make sure that the metal is thick enough so that it will not bend or snap under pressure.

Can you resize sterling silver rings?

Yes, you can resize sterling silver rings by removing the existing ring and replacing it with a new one that is smaller or larger. You will need to use a jeweler’s saw to cut the ring down to the desired size and then re-engrave the ring with the new size. It is important to note that the ring will not be resized if made of a different material, such as gold or titanium.

What rings cannot be resized?

While virtually any ring can be resized, specific rings – such as engagement rings and wedding rings – cannot be resized. This is because the metal used in these rings is usually too thick to make a minor adjustment without causing damage.

Does resizing a ring devalue it?

It depends on a few factors, including the ring’s material and the work that has been done to it. If the ring has been resized by a jeweler who has done a proper job, it will not lose its value. However, if the ring has been resized by a person unfamiliar with the appropriate way to resize a ring, the ring may lose value. It is always best to get a ring sized by a professional jeweler.


We have written extensively about if a stainless-steel ring can be resized. Although the resizing process is not as simple as some might think, it can be done with relative ease if you know what to do. So, if your ring no longer fits, don’t worry – our blog article is here to help. Why not give it a try and see if it works for you? As always, leave a comment if you have any questions or would like us to write about a particular topic in the future.

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