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Are you looking for a way to know if someone is moving toward you romantically? Or perhaps you’re just curious about their feelings? Well, a psychic can help.

By reading the person’s aura, a psychic can give you an idea about their emotional state, love life, etc. So, if you’re feeling lost or want to know what someone is thinking or feeling, consider visiting a psychic.

15 psychic signs someone loves you

We all know that love is a powerful thing, and when it’s strong enough, it can conquer even the toughest of obstacles.

But just how strong is love? Are there specific signs that someone loves you deeply? If so, can a psychic see them? And if not, what are the chances of someone falling in love with you? If you don’t have any of these signs? Read on to find out!

1. The person pays a lot of attention to you and cares about your well-being

If the person you’re interested in pays much attention to you, it could be a sign that they care about your well-being. They might do this in many ways, such as taking care of your needs or filling up any empty spots in your life.

If the person is really into you, they’ll invest all their time and energy into making sure you feel happy and loved. So, if someone chronically disregards your needs or ignores you altogether, it’s likely they don’t have much love for you inside.

2. The person compliments your appearance often

If someone frequently expresses their admiration for your looks, this could be a strong indicator that they appreciate and care about you as an individual. They might also try to show their affection more subtly, such as by complimenting you often.

Of course, just because someone compliments you doesn’t mean they are in love with you – but it’s a positive sign that they find you attractive.

3. The person shows signs of affection frequently and sensibly

It can be tricky to express our feelings correctly, but if the person you are interested in does it often and with a degree of sensitivity, this could be a sign that they care about you. They might do things like cuddle or kiss you on the cheek, which can show that they appreciate and love you very much.

If someone is struggling to express their emotions appropriately, this could indicate problems with intimacy or self-esteem.

4. They often put themselves in harm’s way for your safety or others around you

If someone is willing to put themselves in danger for the safety of you or others, this can be a powerful indication that they love and care about you.

They may do things like risk their own lives to save yours or go out of their way to help vulnerable people. This selfless behavior speaks volumes about the person’s feelings towards you – and it should make you feel loved!

5. You feel fortunate when you’re around them as if the universe is conspiring to bring them into your life at just the right time

Do you feel fortunate and unique when with a person? This may signify that they are interested in you. Maybe they have noticed all the good things in your life lately, or perhaps they plain make you happy.

Either way, if this person is essential to you and means something to your happiness, there’s a perfect chance that they love you too.

6. They always make sure they have something friendly or positive to say about you – even if they don’t mean it

If someone is always complimenting you and putting good words in your mouth, it could signify that they care about you.

No matter how sincere their compliments may seem, there’s a good chance they harbor feelings of love for you – even if they can’t or don’t want to say it aloud. This demonstrates the depth of their emotional attachments to you, which can be very reassuring.

7. There’s something about them that makes you feel protected as if they can always take care of you no matter what

When a person is there for you when things get tough, it could signify that they love you. Maybe they have been through similar experiences together, or they instinctively feel like they can protect you.

Regardless of the reason, if this person is vital to your happiness and wellbeing, there’s a good chance that their feelings towards you run much more profound than simple care and protection.

8. Whenever they see or talk to you, their heart rate spikes, and they get excited – even if the conversation is not particularly interesting

Whenever someone is around you, their heart rate goes up – no matter what. This may seem like nothing, but for someone who loves you, it could be a big clue that they’re interested in you and feel something substantial for you. Something is going on between the two of you!

9. They often make spontaneous decisions to see/talk to you – whether out of boredom or simply because they feel drawn to you

If someone spontaneously decides to come to see or talk to you, it could signify that they love you. Maybe they’re bored and find you attractive, or maybe there’s something about you that makes them feel happy.

Regardless of the reason, if this person is essential to your happiness and wellbeing, there’s a good chance that their feelings towards you run much more profound than simple care and protection.

10. They tell you all their secrets and innermost thoughts – even if they know very few people would be able to understand them

When someone trusts you with their most intimate thoughts, it can signify that they love you. This person is willing to share everything with you – even if they know that not everyone would be able to understand or appreciate what they’re saying.

For some people, this level of trust and openness is significant. If this person is essential to your happiness and wellbeing, there’s a good chance that their feelings towards you run much more profound.

11. You share a lot in common, both physically and emotionally, making developing a meaningful relationship much easier for both of you

When two people share a lot in common, developing a meaningful relationship is much more accessible. Both parties speak the same language and can easily understand one another.

Consequently, communication becomes smoother and more profound, leaving room for misunderstandings or arguments.

12. They often pull you towards them without even realizing it – whether subtly or overtly

If someone regularly pulls you towards them without really realizing it, it could signify that they’re in love with you. This person is instinctively drawn to you, regardless of whether they want to be.

Furthermore, this person often has a way of making you feel comfortable and secure – even when everything seems chaotic and uncertain. If someone is essential to your happiness and wellbeing, their feelings towards you likely run much more profound than simple care and protection.

13. When they’re with you, they lose their sense of time, and reality becomes a blur

When someone is deeply in love with you, they will become completely lost in the moment. Time and reality will merge into a blur – which means that everything around them becomes thrilling and exciting.

This intensity of feeling is simply impossible to resist, and it’s a clear indication that your loved one feels very strongly about you.

14. They can’t get enough of you – but they often neglect to show it through their actions

When someone is crazy about you, what more evidence do we need? The feelings of love are mutual! When this person handles a situation involving your well-being in any way, even if it seems insignificant or trivial by comparison, they will always help without saying anything at all.

Most of the time, they won’t even notice you’re there. With their love for you, it’s only natural that this person will not want to express or acknowledge his feelings without your consent.

15. You can always go with your gut – it’s your sign that you’re being loved

Like people highly susceptible to obsessive and unrequited love, you can also read other people like books after having known its subject for just a little while. During first interactions with someone, there is often a period of spontaneous outbursts that seem strange at the time.

These days can be tense and confusing, but they’re typically very familiar to your love target because they saw them for the first time with you.


It is clear from reading these 15 psychic signs of obsessions and unrequited love that people in love with someone often try harder to see past their flaws.

They have a drive to fill in every tiny spot of their love, though it might seem pointless or even ridiculous at the time since nobody else appears to notice these little details.

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