Can An Overdue Oil Change Cause Check Engine Light?

Yes, but it depends on several factors, including the age and makes of your vehicle, the type of oil used in your engine, and how often your oil changes.

However, if you experience significant problems with your car’s performance (such as low fuel mileage or trouble starting), it may be worth checking the condition of your engine’s oil seals. If they are worn or damaged, this could cause your check engine light.

In this article, we will discuss how an overdue oil change can cause a check engine light.

What is the most common reason for checking engine lights? 

There are several reasons why your car’s check engine light may turn on. One of the most common is when the oil in your engine has started to degrade, leading to increased wear and tear on your engine’s internal components. Other potential causes include faulty Ignition Coil Packs, worn camshafts or crankshafts, and dirty air filters.

If you’re experiencing problems with your car that you think might be related to an overdue oil change, it’s worth checking and seeing if that is the case. You could save yourself a lot of trouble and expense down the road by doing so.

Signs You Need an Oil Change 

If you are monitoring your car’s performance and notice any of the following signs that your vehicle may need an oil change, it is a good idea to have the engine checked by a professional:

1. Your car is slow to start in cold weather or when there has been raining recently.

2. You are having trouble keeping up with traffic on long drives or taking hills uphill.

3. You frequently lose power while driving and later find that the car will not start.

4. You experience reduced fuel efficiency when driving your car in cold weather or heavy traffic congestion.

5. RPMs (revolutions per minute) are high while driving and then drop when you let off the gas pedal, indicating a lot of drag on the engine. This can show worn pistons, valves, or bearings in the engine.

6. Your battery loses its charge quickly, even when the car is parked.

7. You notice a deterioration in the condition of vinyl or leather upholstery on your car.

8. Your Car has started making an unusual noise that you cannot identify – this could be a sign of serious engine problems and should be taken to a mechanic for inspection.

9. There are numerous oil leaks from various vehicle parts, including around drive belts, gaskets, or seals.

10. The oil level in the car is low, even when recently filled up.

Car shaking and check engine light on after oil change-what to do? 

If you recently had an oil change and your car started shaking uncontrollably, or the check engine light came on, there are a few things to try.

First, make sure that all the fluids in the car are topped off (water, coolant, etc.). If anything is low and needs to be replaced, it’ll create more problems than if everything is working correctly.

Second, drive the car slowly around town – this will help assess whether the shaking is due to something wrong with the engine. If it’s just a vibration, you can drive around town at an average speed and see if that alleviates the problem. If not, your car may have more severe issues, and you’ll need to take it in for inspection.

How can you prevent an overdue oil change from causing a check engine light?

If your car has an oil change scheduled for a specific time and you do not get the car in for service by that time, the oil change will likely be considered overdue and may cause your car to produce a check engine light.

To prevent this from happening, make sure to schedule your oil change as close to the actual date as possible. If you are running a little behind, do not wait until the last minute to get your car in for service – that will only make things worse.

Also, be sure to bring your car in for inspection – if there are any problems with the engine, the mechanic will need to address them before the oil can be replaced.

Finally, keep your vehicle well-maintained by regularly checking the oil level, refilling the fluids, and replacing worn parts as needed. Doing these simple things will help keep your car running smoothly and avoid any issues with an overdue oil change.

What light will come on if I need an oil change?

If you are having an oil change, don’t worry! Many different types of light come on when an oil change is required. The most common is the “check engine” light. This light comes on when there is a problem with the engine, such as oil level or air filter.

Other standard lights that come on during an oil change include the “service engine soon” light, the “coolant low” light, and the “fluid low” light.

Each of these lights indicates a different problem and requires another type of repair. For example, the “service engine soon” light usually means a problem with the engine, and the “coolant low” light usually indicates a problem with the cooling system. In most cases, simply having an oil change will resolve the issue.

How long can a Car Go with an overdue oil change?

This can depend on several factors, such as the make and model, how well the car is maintained, and the type of oil used.

However, a good rule of thumb is that a vehicle should be able to travel for at least 500 miles before an overdue oil change. If the car cannot travel that far, then the oil change should be scheduled as soon as possible.

Can my check engine light come on for no reason?

Yes, your check engine light can come on for no reason. The most common cause of the light coming on is a defective sensor. If you think that your check engine light may be due to a faulty sensor, you should take your car to a mechanic for testing.

Suppose the mechanic finds that the sensor is defective, they will replace it. If the mechanic does not find a faulty sensor, then the cause of the check engine light maybe something else. In this case, you will need to take your car to a specialist to determine the root cause.

Is it bad to be late on an oil change?

Yes, but it depends on a variety of factors. However, in general, being late on an oil change can lead to further problems with the car. For example, being late may cause the engine to overheat and fail.

Additionally, if the oil gland has been damaged by not having an overdue oil change, then that damage may become permanent and require replacement.

Can dirty oil cause the check engine light to come on?

Yes, dirty oil can cause the check engine light to come on. This is because dirty oil can cause the engine to overheat, which will then cause the check engine light to come on. You can prevent this from happening.

So, it is essential to change your oil regularly and keep your car clean. If you notice the check engine light coming on, it is important to take your car in for a diagnosis to fix the issue.

Why did my check engine light come on after the oil change?

There can be various reasons why your check engine light may come on after the oil change. For example, if the mechanic changed your oil and didn’t clean the filter correctly, dirty oil could enter the engine and cause it to overheat.

To prevent this, you should always make sure that the filter is cleaned before an oil change and that all debris is removed from around the Engine Block.


Many potential reasons why a car might start emitting a check engine light. One of the more common culprits is an overdue oil change. If your car’s engine is working harder to turn over because the oil isn’t flowing correctly, it can cause other problems down the road.

If you’re ever unsure if your oil change was overdue, take it to a mechanic and have them do a diagnostic check. They’ll be able to tell you for sure if there’s a problem.

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